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Text slider font colour issues


  • Alfiewinn started the conversation

    Hi, I am having an issue with a text slider displaying the text in a different colour to the required setting (#ffffff) when viewed on mobile. Each time the page is refreshed, the text displays in different colour configurations, but I am limited in my knowledge as to why this is happening. I have attached three screenshots to show how the text is displaying. It seems to be random.

    I may have 'fixed' this now by altering the accent colour on the site to white, but am unsure as to why this is overwriting the font style settings only on this text slider.

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    Cuong replied

    Hi Alfiewinn,

    Please help me to fix this issue by adding this code to Customize > Additional CSS:

    .cd-headline a {color:white}

    On mobile devices, Steve Jobs (I mean Apple) automatically turns your number into a linkable text (so visitors can immediately click to call). The link color is red (in fact your accent color). This doesn't happen on desktop.

    Hopefully this is clear to you,

    Cuong Tran

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