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setup of blog pages


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    Roderick started the conversation

    I am trying to understand how to set up my blog page to either of the three options that you display here:

    BLOG Medium: http://sonata.withemes.com/blog/blog-medium/

    BLOG Large: http://sonata.withemes.com/blog/blog-large/

    BLOG Fullwidth: http://sonata.withemes.com/blog/blog-fullwidth/

    In the documentation and shortcodes I cannot figure out If these examples are set up via shortcodes or by some other setting somewhere else.

    Can you please explain how these three examples are set up?

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    Cuong replied

    Hi rodericksarco,

    Apologize for the delay on your response. Please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Blog and notice the option

    Default blog layout.

    For blog medium: select Halfwidth

    For blog large: select Fullwidth

    For blog fullwidth: please choose "Blog template" to "Fullwidth" (still in Blog section of Theme Options)

    Hope this helps, Cuong Tran

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