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Adding HTML code to my website


  • Ropsie started the conversation

    I have not been able to add custom HTML codes from google or amazon on my website, since I bought this theme. 

    Why is that? 

    Everytime I try to add a code in the <head> or <body> sections I get an error message saying I can't add the PHP code. That I should try the SFTP. And I don't understand what it means.

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    Cuong replied

    Hi Ropsie,

    Should you try to customizing your code via FPT or a plugin like "Better File Editor". I'm not sure this is a theme issue. May be it's your site security level.

    If this doens't resolve your issue, please provide me your site login credentials and the code in a private reply, I'll try to help you further.

    Regards, Cuong Tran

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