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  • viperstyle007 started the conversation

    After update:

    The text that accompanies the product thumbnails in Woocommerce are not the same as the theme. Or they have changed from previous theme version. That text displays much larger and I don't see the options to resize in the Customizer. Is there a CSS? 


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    Cuong replied

    Hi viperstyle007,

    Could you please specify a bit more detail so I can assist better? A screenshot or any clue is appreciated.

    Thanks, Cuong Tran

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  • viperstyle007 replied

    Please see attachment from my site. As you can see the font and size of the text for the Product Thumbnails does not match the theme default font and size. Before the update this was not a problem. I trust you understand. 

    Attached files:  Untitled-1.jpg

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    Cuong replied

    Yeah. It was 14px in previous version and 15px for the current. Please help me to fix this by adding this code to Customize > Additional CSS:

    .product-title, .woocommerce-loop-category__title { font-size: 1em; }

    (Or you can set it 14px as previous)

    Hope this helps, Cuong Tran

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  • viperstyle007 replied

    It does thanks.

    Also previously the text was limited to one single line to about 25 characters. Can you provide a CSS? 

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    Cuong replied


    .product-title a, .woocommerce-loop-category__title a {
        display: block;
        white-space: nowrap;
        overflow: hidden;
        text-overflow: ellipsis;

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