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Issue with block quotes


  • Alissa5 started the conversation


    It seems block quotes are spanning the entire width of the two-column posts (which is great and what I need) BUT the quote breaks the text into top and bottom sections and defeats the two columns. What I mean is that adding a block quote changes the text from column 1 leading into column 2 to a reader reading the upper left quadrant (LLQ), then the upper right quadrant (URQ) then the lower left quadrant (LLQ) then the lower right quadrant (LRQ). I'd like the block quote to span both columns, but keep the text in order of ULQ, LLQ, URQ, LRQ.

    Is there any way you can help with that?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Alissa5,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    This seem to be an issue with the two column layout and the block quotes.
    Could you consider using the single column layout instead for now as we see if there is a fix for this.