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Site not working on mobile device


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    I'm trying to customize Simple & Elegant for my website. I am able to get my changes to appear on a computer, but the site is not working at all on mobile devices. I have tried activating and deactivating WPBakery Page Builder and sometimes it appears that it kind of works (not displaying slider or images though) when WPBakery is deactivated, but it would appear that S&E requires WPBakery to be active to work properly. What do I do? www.

    Second question: Can you push through the update for WPBakery or do I have to buy a license from them?

    Thank you!


  • bhussler replied

    Hi. I see this ticket is closed but I don't see the response. Please resend. Thank you. 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Bridget,

    Am not sure how this got closed or how it did not receive a response.

    1) WPBakery Page Builder is required by the theme to run correct. That and the (Simple & Elegant) Addons which is dependent on wpbakery page builder.

    The site is behind a coming soon page so we cannot tell what you mean exactly by not working on mobile. Could we have access to bypass the coming soon page to see what the issue is on mobile.

    2) The plugin can only be udpate when the theme is. If you want to use the most up to date version then you will need to purchase a license for your own wpbakery plugin.