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configuración responsive movile device


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    Hi, I'm greeting you from Veracruz, Mexico
    I bought the theme The Fox, for its way of viewing on mobile, however, today, after a configuration to a widget, when reviewing the mobile version of https://lexgradibus.com I no longer appear as originally given when you install the theme, could you help me? As I read and investigated it could be something of the responsive function, but I honestly do not see where I can configure it correctly. Can you support me?

    I attach a screenshot of my smartphone


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  • [deleted] replied

    Hi there,

    About the site not being responsive on mobile, could you check if you plugins are causing this by disabling them all including jetpack to make sure.

    Also clear the cache on the browser when doing this to make sure your will not view a cached version of the site.

    Let us know how this goes and we can take it from there. 

  • gaboarandamx replied

    Hello, thank you for your advice, unfortunately I already applied the browser cache erasures like from my site, but I still see in mobile the version that appears even remove the jetpack plugin

    What can I do to make the mobile version appear?


  • gaboarandamx replied

    Hello, how are you?
    I told them that I had to re-install the theme, and the arrangement of the subject was again as it should be in the mobile

    Undoubtedly, the problem was the Cache plugin, which I had used, I hope it serves as a feedback control for its buyers that could put it as a purchase warning

    I am happy with your theme, thank you very much!

    You can check how I stay on my website https://lexgradibus.com

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