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Instagram Plugin


  • Marty started the conversation

    Hi there, Happy New Year. So I updated the Instagram plugin yesterday, now the images aren't loading. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Marty,

    Could you check this issue from the instagram side as there are 403 forbidden errors on the browser console.
    There might be a permission that needs to be enabled for the images to load.

    Also check with the plugin developers.

  • Christian replied


    I'm having the same issue actually. It happened out of nowhere, the thumbnails no longer display, however the links to the images work, so I'm not sure where the issue could be? The website is:

    www.araweddingfilms.com and scroll to the very bottom. 

    Many thanks for any advice please. Thanks!


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  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Christian,

    The images showed for use - see attached screenshot.

    Did you manage to work this out?

    It's usually an issue with the plugin or with the Instagram side in terms of permissions on where the images can be loaded.

    Please look into that first.

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  • Marty replied

    Hi Christian, Hi John, 

    I'm pretty new to this, but I'm not using any instagram widgets or plugins, I just set up a small gallery with image source set to instagram, and found it only works if the "instagram image size" is set to "thumbnail" if not, I get the broken link images.

    I've also found the column width determines the size which they appear, so with a column width of 3 or 4 the thumbnails are really big and grainy so a column width of 6 or 8 it looks okay. 

    Like I said, I don't really know what I'm doing that's just how it looks from here.

    I hope that helps,Cheers,


  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Marty,

    The theme recommends the instagram widget plugin i.e. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-instagram-widget/ - for setting up the instagram feed on your site.

    Please consider using it as we know it works well with the theme.

  • Marty replied

    Thanks John,

    Yeah I have that, but had hassles just getting it to be a small thumbnail sized feed, and centred on the home page. Seems easy enough. But when I got the thumbnail size right it would always be off to the left. And when it was centred the thumbnails where massive and taking up the whole column where it is now. I have it in footer 2 at the moment, any suggestions?


  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Marty,

    Could you use this CSS to center the contents that instagram widget on the footer:

    .footer-widgets-container.column-2 .footer-col:first-of-type{
        width: 100%;
    .footer-widgets-container.column-2 .footer-col:nth-child(2){

    add it to appearance \ customize - custom css.

    Hope this give you the look you want.

  • Marty replied

    Thanks John, 

    I'll give that a go.