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  • nata_shergina started the conversation

    Hi! Great theme!

    I'd love to have my posts shown 100%  without any excerpts like on this website https://www.brainpickings.org. Is this possible? 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi nata_shergina,

    It's not really possible, there is not direct option for this.
    You might need to modify the theme files to remove the excerpt or use custom CSS to hide the excerpt.

    If we had a link to where you want to hide the excerpt on your site then it we could try the CSS route.

  • nata_shergina replied

    Thank's for your reply! 

    I know CSS and HTML pretty well, so if you could just give me a hint providing the CSS ids and classes I could play with that's be great. 

    I haven't added any of my content yet, just setting up the theme so I could work later. Lets try this default post http://natashergina.ru/. I'd like to remove the excerpt from it http://natashergina.ru/isolated-tree/

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi there,

    Could you use this CSS:

    div.blog-container div.wi-blog article section div.post-content{

    Add it to appearance \ customize - custom css.
    Should hide the excerpt on this blog posts page http://natashergina.ru/ 

    This is a link to a main posts page http://natashergina.ru/isolated-tree/. There are not excerpt there but rather the posts content.