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Demo Import


  • Scott Dubois started the conversation

    When I try to import the demo data I get the following error message:
    Error: Not Found (404)

    Is there another way to get the data?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Scott,

    It's not really possible to get that error when importing the demo data since its and upload of an xml file containing the demo data.'

    Could you clarify a little bit more on how you are doing this.
    Also confirm that you are using PHP 5.6 or higher on your server with a PHP memory limit set to 128 MB or higher if possible.


  • Scott Dubois replied

    See attached. I went to "import demo data" under the appearance menu. If there is an xml file I can import manually that would be great, but I didn't see it in the zip file. I have PHP 7 installed on my server and tried increasing the memory limit from 90 to 128mb, but that didn't do the trick.

    Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.

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  • Scott Dubois replied

    Oops–scratch that. Increasing the PHP memory must have worked. It still showed the error message on the backend when I tried to import, but when I navigated back to the homepage all the data was there. Thanks!