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    Sorry, please ignore me ... 5 minutes after posting I've found the option. I'm so dumb.. sorry for the trouble.

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    Actually, though, my question still stands for categories..


    ^^ shows 10 posts ... I'd like to just run this out to 50 or so.

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    Hi coconutlizard,

    To change the number of posts shown on the category pages go to settings \ reading - blog pages show at most. Change that to 50.


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    Thanks, that's perfect - I have that working now :-)

    Can I also trouble you to ask about a couple of other minor things that I'd like to do..?

    Our site is: http://coconutlizard.co.uk/new/

    1) I've used custom HTML to place our company logo at the top of the page. The problem is, on low resolutions, or in portrait mode on mobiles etc, the logo get proportionally larger... is there a better way that I can do this that would allow different size logos dependent on the target media?

    2) Down the left hand side bar, we have a "meta" section... I don't really want this other than to have the login/log out part. Even with that, it's kind of inconsistent as we have "Site Admin" (capital S, capital A) and "Log out" (capital L, lowercase o). I'd really like to get rid of the RSS and WordPress.org links... even better would be if this could just be a registration box of some kind - ie. "Register / Log In"  or "Log Out". Is there a good way to do this..? Alternatively, I could place this somewhere under the "Unreal Journal" logo perhaps..?

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    Hi there,

    1) For the custom HTML logo up top, could you try this CSS:

    @media (max-width: 767px){
    body center a img.retina-off{

    adjust the 40% to the size you need.

    2) That meta widget is not part of the theme but wordpress itself. There is not way to modify it from the theme and it would be best if you can just remove it if you do not like it from appearance \ widgets - sidebar.