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Unable to add title to the title bar of archive page


  • EntrePotion_123 started the conversation


    How can I add a title to the title bar of an archive page that I created? Please help me out.


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  • [deleted] replied

    Hi EntrePotion_123,

    Is that page https://entrepotion.com/event/ a custom post type archive page because the page code is not similar to the test site?

    If so then you need to include the following file at the top area of that archive page i.e. 

    fox \ inc \ headline.php


  • EntrePotion_123 replied

    I beg your pardon, John. Could you please guide me how to add that php file to the top of the archive page?




  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Rahul,

    Please confirm if that page is a part of a custom post type i.e. its an archive page for a custom post type. We are assuming its events.

    If so then you should be able to add this into your code.
    Its not really part of support to help with such modifications and you will need to do it by yourself.

    We pointed out what you should do and you should be able to work it from there.
    Please confirm those details.