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Displaying Post without Sidebars


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    Dominic started the conversation

    Good afternoon, can you please advise as to how I can remove the themes sidebars from particular Posts? I am displaying an online magazine as one of my initial Posts, and the sidebars take up a portion of the page which makes viewing the magazine awkward because you can see the sidebars even when the magazine is embedded into the webpage. I would like only this Post to be viewed as how one of the Pages in the theme is viewed, which is Full,  without widgets, comments, Facebook, Twitter links, etc on both sides. 

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    Cuong replied

    Hi Dominic,

    You can set single post to be fullwidth (no widgets) at Customize > Blog > Single.

    To hide share icons, please add this code to Customize > Additional CSS:

    .content-area { padding-left: 0; } .entry-share {display:none;}

    You can disable comments in at the bottom of post edit screen.

    Hope this helps,

    Cuong Tran

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