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Revolution Slider / WP bakery activation


  • Claudia Bätcke started the conversation


    I am trying to activate the revolution slider and the wpbakery in wordpress. In terms of the revolution slider, it keeps asking me after the purchase code. I have entered it, but it is not accepted. Then I get a screen where it says that I do not need to do anything if the Revolution slider was bundled. When I am trying to activate wp bakery, I get to a screen saying "No license found".
    I am confused.
    I might have activated both in another page, but I have deactivated all the plugins and then deleted wordpress, so I should not have any issues because the license is only available for one domain.

    Can you help me, please?

    All the best,


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    John replied

    Hi Claudia,

    To clarify the theme comes with those two plugins bundled in.
    You do not need a license to use them. If you are asked for one then please ignore that message and use the plugins as they will work fine.

    Another thing to clarify is that if you need the latest version i.e. you need to update those two bundled plugins then you will need to purchase them separately to have you own license.

    If you have a license for any of the two then uninstall the one that came bundled with the theme and install the one you bought. Then activate that one.

    Hope this clears things up.