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  • codykyo started the conversation

    After a ton of searching I decided on S&E theme due to the portfolio posts formatting but I'd like to use them more like regular blog posts. 

    I'd like to date stamp the portfolio posts and have them appear in chronological order. If they don't already. 

    Thank you, appreciate it. 


  • [deleted] replied

    Hi codykyo,

    They can be used for this but please note they are not meant for it.

    You can see how they are laid out on the portfolio category pages and see if that will work for you.
    Alternatively you can use an element from visual composer to build your blog post.

    For adding the date stamp you would need to modify the simple elegant plugin files to get it added to the portfolio items on the portfolio category \ single portfolio pages.

    Hope you can work it from there.

  • codykyo replied

    Thanks Jon, 

    I like the halfwidth formatting of the portfolio posts better for my aesthetic. 

    I had previously asked the theme designer if I could change the blog posts to utilize the halfwidth format but he had said that was going to be a challenge if not impossible. 

    Is that your assessment as well? Or have alternative ideas? 



  • [deleted] replied

    Hi CS,

    Well it is sort of a challenge.

    The only way I could think of doing it is moving the code used to show a single portfolio page to the code used to show a single post.

    Then work out the bugs from there. They should be a few.
    A good knowledge of how wordpress works i.e. template hierarchy would help in tackling this.

    The code of the single post is located in wp-content \ themes \ simple-elegant \ single.php and for the portfolio page is at wp-content \ plugins \ simple-elegant-portfolio \ single-portfolio.php.

    Hope you can work it from there.

  • codykyo replied


    Would you be able to help me change the portfolio URLs? 

    They're currently like this - http://inbetweenus.com/portfolio_item/sacai-fw17-editorial-for-grind-magazine/

    I'd like to remove the "portfolio_item" if possible? 



  • [deleted] replied

    Hi CS,

    You can change that part from appearance \ customize - portfolio - portfolio slug.

    Add what you want to replace portfolio_item.
    Make sure there are no spaces between the words if you opt to use multiple words.

    Save changes then go to settings \ permalinks and click the save changes several times to flush the permalinks.

    Hope this helps.

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    LeighKarsch replied

    I have the same question as PurpleFroggie/Sam.

    I am not seeing how to drag and drop portfolio categories into another page with blank portfolio/visualcomposer element.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi LeighKarsch,

    Not sure what ticket \ thread you are referring to.
    Do you mean dragging and dropping portfolio categories at portfolio \ portfolio categories area because that is not possible.

    They are ordered by the date they are created, newest at the very top.

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    LeighKarsch replied

    Hi John, 

    My apologies--I posted on the incorrect thread. But that is exactly what I meant, and thanks to another answer you posted elsewhere, I figured it out. Thanks so much!

    My next question is about how to include a button at the end of a text section on my portfolio page. I can't seem to open virtual composer while I am editing in the text section and it doesn't appear as an option at the top of the page, like it does when I am editing a page on the website.

    My web address is http://www.fleurish.ink

    Thanks so much.


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  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Leigh,

    To enable visual composer on the portfolio edit page select that post type in visual composer \ role manager - post type - set to custom and select portfolio and save changes.

    The visual composer editor should be available on the portfolio edit page.