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A Bug When Scrolling Up / Down The Screen


  • Andre Wicaksono started the conversation

    Hi, finally I bought your amazing theme. But I found a little problem. It looks like I found a 'bug' in The Fox theme. On the 'homepage', when I scroll down to the bottom, or when I get arrived at the bottom of the web and I scroll up, my screen bounces up / down. This is very annoying when we are reading the article. This happens when we're opening the web using a smart phone device. Using Desktop PC will also be like this, when scroll down / up slowly using the mouse device scroll.

    Sometimes, the text paragraph on the single post was bounces up / down (moves withself) too.

    I've also included screen recordings with my smartphone that I uploaded to YouTube. The video duration are 50 seconds. I hope this bug can be fixed soon.

    Thank you.

    Video :


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    John replied

    Hi Andre,

    Hope you did the plugin check for this issue i.e. disabled all plugins and see if you are still experiencing the issue. If not please do and let us know.

    If this does not expose the issue then respond with a link to your site and also temporary admin access - a username password with admin privileges - and we will take a better look from the backend.


  • Andre Wicaksono replied

    Hi John,

    I had tried disabled all of my plugins, and this issue still happened.
    And I have check some websites that uses The Fox Magazine Theme, and all of that website have the same issue with my website, even http://withemes.com/fox/ too.

    This issue appear and can be seen easyly if we're using smart phone device to surf the website.

    First, open the website with smart phone and scroll down to the bottom of website (footer/end of the website). And then scroll up slowly, the screen will bounces up. After that you can scroll down slowly again, and scroll up slowly again, and scroll down slowly again to the bottom, and scroll up slowly again. This makes we annoyed while read the article list with scroll down/up.

    Second, still using smart phone device. On a single post, this issue was happened too when we're read the article with scroll down to the end (footer). This not so fatal, but sometimes the text(the words) will moves itself.

    I had tried too with rotating my device, the result was same. This issue still happened.

    I hope this issue could be fixed soon.

    If you need a temporary account to access my Administrator Panel, I will give you on the next post, after this post.

    Thank you.

  •   Andre Wicaksono replied privately
  • Andre Wicaksono replied

    Hi John,

    How is it going on?
    Have you checked this issue? I've been waiting for 3 days.

    Maybe what I experienced, there are similarities with:
    - http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/mobile-version-jumps-as-you-scroll-down/
    - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24944925/background-image-jumps-when-address-bar-hides-ios-android-mobile-chrome
    - http://aspiringwebdev.com/stop-your-web-pages-from-jumping-around-while-images-load/
    - https://athemes.com/forums/topic/mobile-page-is-skipping-or-jumping-when-scrolling-down/
    - https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/fictive-theme-jumps-to-the-top-on-any-device-when-sized

    And there are probably many other examples.

    This issue I experienced when using android mobile device (in this case: Samsung Galaxy E5) with Google Chrome as a browser.

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    Cuong replied

    Hi Andre Wicaksono,

    Apologize for the delay on your response due to weekend. My name's Cuong, I'm the main developer for The Fox.

    I'm testing on your site and some Android devices. Sure I'll give you an answer in soonest time possible.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Cuong Tran

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