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Contact Form Not Working


  • morro10 started the conversation

    I can't get my contact form to work

    I've got it all set up - sending to jarad@eveconcepts.com.au but when I complete the form - nothing is being sent. (it's not in junk either).

    I get the confirmation email, just no email in my inbox

    I'm sure its something simple!



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    Cuong replied

    Hi Jarad,

    Please contact your hosting provider and ask to make sure that mail function has been enabled on your server. Contact Form plugin only works if this function is enabled. As I know, some hosting providers disabled this function.

    If this doesn't help, let provide me your login credentials in a private reply, I'll help you further.

    Kind Regards,

    Cuong Tran

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  •   morro10 replied privately
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    Cuong replied

    Let see the screenshot. When I go to Contact Forms > Contact Form 1 > Mail tab and edit "To" to my email (something like blah_blah@gmail.com), then I send a test mail, then I found that email in my spam mailbox.

    It means contact form works normally but the problem is the email "admin@sportcreative.com.au". Maybe there's some spam filter to block emails from your site, I'm not sure. If you test with gmail, it seems ok.

    Hope this helps,

    Cuong Tran

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