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Question on Norris Theme (Purchase Code #276081a3-b69f-4bc0-afbb-86d483c0de4b​)


  • Mary started the conversation


    I have a question on the Norris theme, which I purchased recently. It's beautiful, but trickier to work with than the Blank theme, which I purchased last year (For the record, I'm not very experienced putting together websites.)

    I would like the testimonials slider to work in the page separator above the Portfolio page. I installed it there and it shows, but I can't get it to slide. Is there some reason it won't work there?

    Otherwise, I'm not quite sure what my options are for where this testimonial slider is placed.


  • [deleted] replied

    Hi again Mary,

    Thanks for keeping in touch.

    Sounds like your testimonial slider setup should be working just fine. Can you please give me a temporary admin access to your site? I'll be in a better spot to help you that way. 

    Also, please kindly send the credential info in a private reply so the information will be passed safely.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  •   Mary replied privately
  • [deleted] replied

    Hi again Mary,

    Thanks for keeping in touch,

    Looks like you forget to give me your Norris themed site's address. Please confirm further on this.

    Best wishes.

  •   Mary replied privately
  •   Mary replied privately
  • Mary replied

    Hi John,

    Are you going to be able to get back to me soon? I'm not sure if you've been out or what, but if for some reason you can't respond in the next day or so, please let me know if there's someone else who can help.