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Wi:Portfolio Plugin


  • Margo started the conversation

    I was in the process of upgrading my Wordpress install and the latest copy of Blank, when I ran into this error regarding the Wi:Portfolio Plugin. Wordpress says that the plugin is required, and I'm running version 1.6. Every time it attempts to retrieve the update package, it fails and cannot install.

    I haven't found anything that says that this plugin is still required except in this area. I can't find the plugin to download anywhere. Is there a mirror in which to download it from?

  • Margo replied

    Apologies! I discovered this was because I had a child theme active. Activating the main theme instead and installing from there worked.

  • [deleted] replied

    HI Margo,

    Thank you for choosing our Blank theme. I hope you love using it :)

    Yes, even though you have the child theme installed some features can only be activated with the parent theme.

    Also ensure that you switch back to your child theme when making customizations to your site.

    Keep up the good work on your site and have a wonderful day :)