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Active body text link and active footer text link color


  • youneedweb started the conversation

    Is there a code to change the active body text link and the active footer text link color to #00ADD0?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi there,

    Apologies for the late reply.

    We would have to write that CSS. It does not exist.

    For the active body text link use this:

    a {
        color: #00ADD0 !important;

    For the active footer text links, you do not have any footer links in your footer. Could you point out what you mean from a screenshot or a page link to clarify.


  • youneedweb replied

    Hi John,

    1. When I am on the NaturalVue Multifocal with Neurofocus Optics page, I need the selected text link to be #00ADD0. See attached.

    2. When I am on the About VTI page, I need the selected text link in the footer to be #00ADD0. See attached and: http://bb9.5be.myftpupload.com/about/about-vti/

    Attached files:  sidebar widget.png

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi there,

    Both of those tasks are not really possible because there is nothing to indicate that the link are active that we can connect to the CSS so that it only works when you are actually on those two pages.

    What you can do is maybe add CSS to each of the pages that will make the links that color.
    Hope you can implement that.