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removing categories


  • Anaisgourvennec started the conversation


    i'm having trouble removing categories and text that appears on the right of my website whenever i'm reading one of my posts. I'd like the blog to appear fullscreen as I'm showing pictures in it. But I have a bunch of categories showing up like "recent work" "categories" as well as a text I can't find anywhere but would like to delete : "


    At night the body of clouds advancing higher up the sky smothers the whole quiet gulf below with an impenetrable darkness, in which the sound of the falling showers can be heard beginning and ceasing abruptly "

    When I thought I had deleted everything that comes with the demo and that I didn't want to stay on my site...

    Where do I find it and delete it for good?

    thank you very much. 

    Anaïs Gourvennec

  • Anaisgourvennec replied

    Actually, I just found the solution by looking at other tickets from customers...

    So I managed to remove every widget that appeared in the sidebar, but now the issue is that there's a blank space at the right of the post. What I wanted was for the text and images to be full-width, and it's not the case...

    is there something I could do to make the posts take all the space ? 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Anaisgourvennec,

    For full width on single post pages, you can use this CSS:

    body.single.single-post #primary{
    body.single.single-post #secondary{

    Add it to appearance \ customize - custom CSS.
    Hope this helps.