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Image Roll overs on home page


  • Emma Crane-Robinson started the conversation


    On the home page for the simple and elegant design there are image roll overs for the featured images from the portfolio pages. I want to remove the portfolio,s however would like the roll over photo's to link to different pages, and to change the images that are there. Can you tell me how to do this?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Emma,

    The portfolio visual composer element does not really have that feature for using plain images that are linked to different pages.

    You might want to use the post grid element instead.
    In its settings, set the source to be pages instead of posts.

    Then on the item design tab select the hover effect.
    See attached screenshot of the the correct post grid element.

    Hope this is a workable alternative.

    Attached files:  postGrid.png

  • Emma Crane-Robinson replied

    Hi John.

    I tried the post grid, but it loads very slowly on the page, and also I cannot change the colour of the roll over to match that of the portfolio colour. Can you show me how to optimise the post grade to be the same as the portfolio grid?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hi Emma,

    You might want to use something else for this concept you are looking for as the themes plugins cannot service it.

    Please consider this alternative i.e. using a plugin for the feature.